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Silver Opal Spinner

Love this ring very happy with it wear everyday

Love the set

Love that you can choose 4 different designs and they can all be different sizes or the same size. Love all the different designs you can choose from and that there are a really good selections for guys too. My son loves his rings.

Silver Sunflower Spinner Worry Ring

nice bracelet

i really enjoy this bracelet

Perfect gift

It’s a perfect gift for anyone at any age. It is very fun to fidget with and clams you down a lot.

Perfect except that it is too big even for my index finger. Wish there were smaller sizes available.


Love my worry ring. Adjustable, looks great, perfect to fiddle with!

925 Sterling Silver Ring Keeper Necklace

Life saving

I get severe social anxiety and it has helped me get through so many gatherings and public speaking. Plus it looks GORGEOUS


I got the ring to help with my stress reaction of clenching my jaw and it definitely helps, that and I have something to fiddle with. It is definitely worth the money.

Awesome rings, haven't bit my nails in weeks!

I have had a nail biting problem for as long as I can remember, and truly nothing has completely stopped it until I found these! And I get a ton of compliments on them, everyone asks about my rings. I love that they are adjustable, fairly durable, and really well made. 100% worth every penny, and my nails look nice for the first time...basically ever!

Elevate rotating ring

Absolutely love this. Have since bought another 2 rotating rings, they really do help when anxiety hits!

Very Happy

Thank you very much for your prompt responses and efficient replacement of my daughters ring. We appreciate your assistance. She wears it every day and it is helping her regulate through what is proving to be a very very tough start to year 7. I can confirm that it is helping to bring her calm and is supporting her wellness.

Timeless Bundle
Tasmim R.

I love these rings, the package arrived in a timely manner and it’s exactly what I ordered

Love it!!

Hello, I'm so in love with my worry ring. I usually wear it while I'm working. & it's helps me get through my day. Thank you

Crystal Butterfly Spinner Worry Ring

Serenity Worry Ring

I’m so happy with the quality of this ring. I bought a cheaper version and this one is way better! I wear it to work everyday to help deal with my stress and anxiety. Wish I bought one sooner.

It’s so so pretty, and I wore it during exams and saved my nails from looking crusty and also stopped me drawing on my papers 😆

Timeless Bundle
Kristine H.
Love them

Some wearing away of the gold, but was to be expected. No discolouration. I wear almost every day

Happy with the ring.

Very happy with the fidget ring, it he's in many way. I don't bite my nails as much when I am a little stressed.
I recommend getting a fidget ring, they are good quality and do work.

Spinning my worry away

I purchased two spinner rings and I wear one each day to work and I just touch it during my commute or when I start to get anxious about too much work. It helps to ground me and refocus to do one thing at a time. It helps me get through the day.

Worry Ring

Amazing customer service. Great product

Love my rings!

I purchased 2 different styles and love them both! I didn’t have any habits of picking at my skin or biting nails but I had noticed myself twirling my hair when talking to people which some may interpret as rude. My rings give me another outlet and they are super stylish! I do not shower with them on but have used hand sanitizer and washed my hands with them on and they did not tarnish or dull.

Ease of exchanges

I reached out and asked for an exchange as I ordered a size too big. The worry rings team was super quick to assist me and made the process so easy! The rings are amazing, I have noticed I am picking my fingers less and less! :) will definitely be ordering more!!


Lovely spinner my daughter and I love them!