How is my order packaged?

Beautifully packaged, here is a photo link https://worryrings.com.au/pages/how-is-my-order-packaged


What are the rings made out of?

Our rings are made from a variety of materials including:

✓ Sterling Silver

✓ Stainless Steel

✓ Premium nickel free copper (for adjustability)

✓ 24K Gold plating

✓ Platinum plating

✓ Gold plating

✓ Silver plating

✓ Gems - Cubic Zirconia


How do they work?

✓ Redirects focus away from anxious tendancies

✓ Safe and healthy alternative to other harmful habits

✓ Subtle way to manage stress and anxiety in any setting

✓ Spinning, sliding or rotating the ring offers a distraction from anxious thoughts and tendancies


How do I work out my ring size?

Your ring size can be worked out easily with a piece of paper and a ruler. We have a full sizing guide video here: 

Work out my ring size


What if I pick the wrong ring size?

Option 1: We have a small charge for replacement rings. $9.95 for Align, Cuban Link, Malina and Lunar rings and $14.95 for Elevate, Amara, Axel, Arden, Haven and Evania rings.

✓ You can keep your incorrectly size ring and regift it. Once the charge is paid, we will ship your correctly sized ring out ASAP. Most of our customers choose this option as postage back is about the same price (sometimes more) and there is much less wait time.

Option 2 : You can return your ring to us here at Worry Rings - email us at info@worryrings.com.au for our return address.

✓ Shipping costs are to be covered by the customer. Once we receive the ring, we will then have your replacement shipped out to you!

Either option, you have 14 days from the date your order arrives to ask for an exchange!


Can I claim this under NDIS?

✓ Absolutely! Just have your plan manager contact us at info@worryrings.com.au with your desired rings, we will invoice your plan manager directly.

✓ You can also claim your order under NDIS by providing them with your order details and our ABN to be reimbursed by NDIS.


What do I do if there is a problem or mistake with my order?

✓ Any issues at all, please contact us at info@worryrings.com.au and we will work with you to resolve them ASAP!